Lisa’s story

Lisa's story

It had been a gruelling twelve weeks of visiting my doctor, trying to get an orthopaedic appointment.  I was taking so many pain relief meds I should have been out cold and rattling! But meds did not touch the amount of pain I was experiencing.

On the 29th June I attended my local A & E only to be told “Go home it’s a back ache, take some paracetamol.” – Then, the day I will never forget came.  July 3rd 2018 – I was laying on my sofa in so much pain and I wasn’t able to pee properly.

As I got up from the sofa to try and use the toilet, to my horror my legs gave way.  I went head forwards into my television stand, passed out due to the pain and my legs were completely paralysed.  The Ambulance called was called and the paramedics arrived. I came round to paramedics hoovering over me.  They asked me what medication I was taking and I duly showed them my shoe box full of pills.

The paramedics were completely stunned. They rang my GP to ask what was going on. Apparently, I was taking enough meds to knock out a horse, yet they weren’t doing anything for me.  They put me into the ambulance and took me to A &E.  I spent 8 hrs in A & E and at around 12.30am a doctor came to say he was admitting me to a ward.

The following morning an orthopaedic consultant came to tell me I needed an MRI which I had done that afternoon.  I was told by the consultant that I needed an operation and “you will be first after I finish my list.” to which I replied, “Thank god, I just want to pee again and walk normally.”

Consultant “what do you mean? pee and walk normal again?”

Me ” I can’t pee or feel my legs and feet properly!”

Consultant “you never mentioned it to me!”

Me “I’ve been telling your assistant standing next to you for the last 48hrs, I can’t pee or walk properly.”

Consultant ” Bear with me, I will be back in a minute.”

I heard a huge almighty row taking place outside ward door and my notes being thrown at the assistant. The consultant came back into my ward “You are going down to theatre in 30mins, can you call your husband and get him here asap? I need to speak to him before I operate on you.”  Then all hell broke loose.  I still suffer with saddle numbness and have little sensation in right leg. I have foot drop and a spinal cord stimulator fitted.  I still have my dark days but there’s a lot of sunshine to.

My life has changed but I’m a better person for it.