Joanne’s story

Joanne's story

My name is Jo and I had emergency surgery in 2009 for CES.

I was left with limited mobility and irreversible damage to my bladder and bowels. Without doubt it was the hardest thing in my life that I’ve ever had to deal with, and my recovery is still ongoing as I truly believe it’s never too late to keep pushing for any improvement, no matter how small. I was medically retired at the age of 39 from my dream job as a probation officer and wondered what I was now going to do with my life. Well, the answer was all the things I used to do! I just had to do them a bit differently.

With positive planning and good people around me I continue to live life to the full…..I travel frequently and love my yearly shopping trips to New York with my sister….I made a great friend who is my personal trainer and she encourages me constantly and I have exercised more now than I ever did before and even climbed a mountain together with her and then another in Spain….it may have taken me a long time to do it but it can be done.

I have an electric trike so I can join in on the bike rides, so I’m never left out. I had my first grandchild and we have so much fun together, going to funfairs and visiting Disneyland and Universal as there is so much assistance for disabilities, that there is nothing to stand in the way of having a good time. I now volunteer for NorthWest ambulance service to give something back. I am living my best life and CES can’t stop that