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CES Workshops and support meetings

We have been running CES Workshops, face to face support group meetings and events across the UK for the past ten years.

Our first meeting was held ten years ago in a pub in Chester and was very well attended. It proved very popular and we were asked if we could provide more meetings for others across the country on a regular basis. So, we set about organising these meetings. Eventually we were hosting meetings in 18 different locations across the country, and this has developed into the service it is today.

Our most recent CES Workshop was held on 5th July 2023 in Liverpool and was a great success. We had guests speakers, lunch and a group discussion. We are currently organising our next support group meeting and are yet to confirm the details.

Our next CES Workshop will be held in Birmingham on Sunday 1st October 2023. It will include dinner, drinks and an overnight stay at The Malmaison Hotel, followed by a full day meeting with lots of guest speakers and activities.

As the charity has grown, we rely on our wonderful CES volunteers who hold regular coffee meet ups in their local areas. They offer people the chance to make friends close to where they live and share experiences and tips about living with CES. To see the list of upcoming coffee mornings (hosted by fellow CES sufferers) please visit this link – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/cauda-equina-champions-charity-1187294-27827793471

Meetings aren’t just for patients, and we welcome family members, friends and carers who come along as well to support their loved ones. Refreshments are provided by the charity and guest speakers are welcome to come along and share information that might be beneficial to our members.

“When I hosted our first support group meeting I met people who have remained my friends to this day. I also remember the lady who had suffered with cauda equina syndrome for over ten years and was completely isolated at home. She was reliant on a community nurse who came to evacuate her bowels once a month. I couldn’t believe that she had to live like this. Her trauma and distress has always stuck with me and we were delighted to be able to offer her our support. She was no longer alone and had somewhere to turn.” – Claire Champions Charity Founder

If you would like know more about our face to face meetings you can sign up to our regular monthly newsletters to keep up to date. Perhaps you would like to hold one in your own area with our support? If so please get in touch at [email protected] and register your interest.

We also hold monthly virtual support group meetings that you can join if there isn’t a meeting near to where you live. Look out for updates on our events pages and subscribe to our newsletter.