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Yorkshire Ambulance Service

I would like to thank the CESA for presenting at The College of Paramedics & Yorkshire Ambulance Service Best Practice event. Having CESA attend our event raised the awareness of CES amongst frontline ambulance clinicians and contributed to the professional development of paramedics. This will certainly improve paramedics’ ability to flag up potential CES at a much earlier point in time than before. The CESA presentation was particularly well received by paramedics due to the patient perspective element, real patients with real stories to tell was certainly a very powerful approach and got the message out loud and clear. I would like to support the CESA going forward to continue to raise awareness of this spinal emergency amongst paramedics.

Support group meeting volunteer team image

Support group meeting volunteer

“After a first meeting in Nottingham, I felt it was very successful. There were 5 ladies including myself and one lady brough her husband along too. We were all at different stages of our recovery both physically and emotionally.

I felt we all gelled brilliantly. We had similar issues ongoing but could talk about them openly and laugh about some of the things too.

It was helpful to feel that you are not alone on this journey. It was interesting to hear a husband’s point of view too as it’s not easy for partners. What was most prominent about us talking was that our relationships with friends, partners and family had changed as a lot of people don’t understand how exhausting living with CES is.

It also struck me how angry a lot of people still are for having their lives turned upside down through being misdiagnosed.

We all said that we would love to meet up again, and all members were pleased about the well being follow up call from the charity team.

All in all, a great success.


Student Doctor

“Very helpful session and so glad we were able to hear more about this serious condition. It has definitely changed the way I will approach back pain as a presentation.

I and the other students are grateful the patients invited were happy to share their story and shed light on others”


Student Doctor

“This was fantastic!

It opened our eyes about the importance of a low threshold of suspicion and how tests like MRI  must be performed urgently.

Really valued this lecture. So important to hear the patient’s perspective.

Very memorable”


Senior lecturer

“Many thanks for your session yesterday, the students and I found it extremely beneficial and very moving.

The students have asked if you can send some posters and leaflets as they are very keen to spread the word.

After you left the discussion resumed on the next session with some students saying how powerful they had found the poem and how the session had been so thought provoking”


Online support group member

“The Champions Charity CES online support group has helped me no end.

I left hospital after my emergency operation, with no aftercare and not really knowing what to expect. Having this group has helped me when I’ve had extremely down days and when I have questions about anything.

I would have been lost without the support I have had and will be forever thankful.”

Online support group member team image

Online support group member

“I am so lucky to have met such wonderful and positive people with a can-do attitude, it really feels bliss to have people around me going through a similar journey. Everyone in the group is willing to share their experience and knowledge.

It gives you so much positive energy and increases your determination to keep going and focusing on goals.”

Online support group member team image

Online support group member

“CES literally turned my world upside down. I was no longer the run around spin addict, instead I became the wheelchair loner.

I lost my friends and my social life and spent a year living away from my children. If it wasn’t for the support group I wouldn’t be here.”