Red Flags

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CES Made simple

Lived experience.

Champions Charity work with medical universities across the country delivering lived experience of CES to medical students using the power of the patient voice to illustrate the impact the CES can potentially have on patients.

As a hidden disability it is easy to assume that once a person has had surgery that their back may be “fixed” and that they have recovered.

The insidious symptoms that may remain as chronic disabilities are hidden. Its important for healthcare professionals, family members and the public to hear these personal stories so that they can support patients properly and with a real understanding.

If you feel that your team would benefit from hearing from our team and members about their own experience of CES please get in touch with our team, we would be delighted to help!

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“Very moving stories and a good reminder of the human cost of these issues and how important it is to remain vigilant”

“Excellent sessions like this, patient experience is extremely memorable and provides a genuine unique alternative to textbook medicine”

“I found the session helped to contextualise CES and will definitely inform my future practice”

“The session was really valuable in providing a patient perspective on the hospital experience – Having their worries played down by staff, being sent home without a formal diagnosis, and having jargon thrown at them”