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Storm Keating

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We are extremely proud to announce Storm Keating has joined Champions Charity as our second celebrity Ambassador.

Storm is an Australian fashion designer, married to husband Ronan as well as mum to two young children. Storm recently underwent spinal surgery for a prolapsed disc that had escalated into cauda equina syndrome, which is a medical emergency.

Storm brings first-hand experience of the condition to her charity role and having her support moving forward will help our charity raise awareness and reach more people isolated in the community.

Cauda Equina Syndrome can affect anybody and everybody suffering with acute low back pain should be aware of the red flags.

We would like to thank Storm for the generous gift of her support and wish her the best recovery.

Watch Storm win over £30,000 for our charity in this exciting episode of The Wall with Danny Dyer and husband Ronan Keating. This will help us provide important support services to patients after injury.

BBC One – The Wall, Series 4 – Versus Celebrities, Ronan & Storm Keating

“I had never heard of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) before my recent experience and now it’s something I will never forget. I want to raise as much awareness as possible by supporting the Cauda Equina Champions Charity to help other people to know what to look out for. Many of us take our health and our spines for granted, but sometimes the unexpected can throw you a curve-ball. I really want to try and raise awareness to ensure that everyone is lucky enough to come out of a CES diagnosis in a good place”.

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