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Duncan James, member of British boy band “Blue”, actor and theatre star, has become the charity’s first ever Ambassador.

Duncan was performing in The Rocky Horror Show when he herniated a disc in his lower back.

He had been suffering from back pain for some time, treating it with injections and pain killers to be able to continue working until he found himself in an emergency situation.

Eventually Duncan had decompressive surgery and spent months managing his own rehabilitation.

Today he lives with some of the long term effects, but embraces life and demonstrates that you can continue to lead a successful and active life post diagnosis. He is a positive and dynamic role model for the charity.

“When Cauda Equina Champions Charity first reached out to me about being a charity ambassador, I knew instantly that it was something I wanted to play my role in. I first spoke to Claire Thornber, the Founder of the Charity about my experience with CES, and I instantly felt supported, understood and connected with another sufferer. The mission of the charity is extremely close to my heart, and I want to help the charity spread awareness, reduce long term disability and ensure people know where they can turn to”

Duncan James The Lost Tribe Book

You can read Duncan’s story in our Charity book – The Lost Tribe – Stories from Survivors of Cauda Equina Syndrome.

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