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Access to Free CES Legal Advice

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Our Legal Panel includes law firms we have researched extensively to ensure that only those firms with the appropriate expert knowledge in Cauda Equina Syndrome are selected. Not every case of Cauda Equina Syndrome injury arises from medical negligence and not everybody wants to go down that route, but for those that do we wanted to make sure you had access to the right legal support.

If you have suffered Cauda Equina Syndrome and think you might need some legal support, it is imperative that you seek advice from firms that genuinely understand the impact this has on you or your loved ones and how life may have changed in a significant way not only for you but also for those around you.

We recognise you may wish to choose your own lawyers and that is your absolute prerogative however our legal panel members can offer specialist advice on a wide range of issues, from supporting with a compensation claim, pursuing a claim for welfare benefits, helping with obtaining support and care from social services and the local authority to understanding what your employment rights are if you need to take time off work.

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