CES Buddy


Ginette is a former paramedic and lives with the permanent disabilities arising from cauda equina syndrome. Even as a paramedic Ginette struggled to get the help she needed when CES changed her life.

Ginette’s friends and family describe her as “Loving, Caring, funny, a great mum, reliable and loyal”. 
To us she is a wonderful CES buddy who volunteers her time to support fellow patient’s, sharing her
own experience and helping them to navigate life after diagnosis.

Ginnette bravely shared her own personal story in our charity book “The Lost Tribe – Stories from
Survivors of Cauda Equina Syndrome” and shows us all that it is possible to live your best life after

Duncan James The Lost Tribe Book

You can read Ginette’s story in our Charity book – The Lost Tribe – Stories from Survivors of Cauda Equina Syndrome.

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