Keeping cool in the heat this summer

Keeping cool in the heat this summer

It’s official, June 2023 has been the hottest June EVER recorded in the UK! We asked our CES Facebook members for tips on coping with the high temperatures and increased swelling.

Whilst some of the group said that the heat helped with CES pain, the vast majority said that their pain levels and swelling were up due to the heat. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to get through the summer months.

Frozen facecloths – an instant relief from the heat. Simply wet a facecloth and pop it in the freezer, once frozen this is a super idea for instantly cooling anf providing some relief.

Cold showers – turn that dial down on the shower! A cold blast under the shower will provide instant cooling relief, and you’ll instantly feel refreshed. Cold showers have so many more benefits including improving circulation, relieving localized pain, increasing metabolism and even helping to increase mood.

Small ice baths/buckets – If you suffer from swollen feet, ankles and calves due to CES, this is a fantastic way to provide some instant relief. Simply fill a washing up bowl, casserole dish or bucket up with some super cold water and ice and dunk your feet in for as long as required.

Portable fans – This might seem obvious, but some people don’t realise that you can actually get battery powered fans that can be attached to wheelchairs or just moved around the home with you.

Cooling pads/packs – These are usually filled with gel and are a great idea for tsking to bed with you to help provide some instant cooling relief.

Compression socks – Whilst it might not be ideal wearing socks to bed in the heat, some of our members said they helped massively with swelling of the feet and ankles.

Elevating your legs – Keeping your legs elevated whenever you can helps to reduce pressure and swelling on the feet/ankles.

We hope that some of these tips help you get through the hot days and nights. Dealing with Cauda Equina Syndrome on a daily basis can be hard enough without the added problems that Summer brings. We do recommend trying to enjoy the weather and get outdoors whenever possible though, the sunshine and lovely weather can help boost your mood and get you out of the house (if possible) before the rain returns in Autumn.