Cauda Equina and pregnancy

Cauda Equina and pregnancy


This is Louise she is our latest Cauda Equina Syndrome Champion. She is sharing her story of raising her son and becoming pregnant after Cauda Equina compression.

Louise has unfortunately had Cauda Equina compression twice but despite that she does everything she can to be a good mum to her children and good wife to her husband.

This video is about the reality of Louise’s life and yes she talks about how hard it is raising children while having CES. Those of us with the condition know that life is hard enough just coping with the CES, let alone looking after a baby and toddler as well. But as you will see, Louise’s strength and determination is something to be admired and has kept her going through the really tough times. She credits her husband for being such a source of support, love and strength. She talks of how lucky she is to have them all. It’s heartwarming to hear.

I personally really liked something Louise said at the end… she believes that her children have given her a really important reason to keep going despite the pain. They have also made her set physical goals like walking them to school, which has helped her physical rehabilitation massively. She said each day she could go a little bit further. Plus the love and support her children give her by doing things like giving gentle cuddles to look after her back, has helped her emotionally through her CES journey.

Even though I’m not a mother myself, looking after my nephews, nieces and God children really helped me find the joy in life despite the pain following CES, it’s something I am so grateful for.

Louise says even though things are incredibly difficult looking after little ones when she is dealing with CES, she says it DOES get better and it is so so worth it.

I asked Louise a few questions that I wanted to know. I am someone with CES who will hopefully have children in the future and I look to people like Louise to see whether it’s a viable option for me.

Was there more pressure on your spine because of the baby?

Yes, the last trimester there was more pressure so I spent most of it in bed.

What was the best thing about having children during such a painful time with the CES?

Having a child that needed me kept me fighting to get up and keep going.

What advice would you give to CES patients wanting to have their own children?

My advice is take it easy through pregnancy. Take each day as it comes and grab rest when you can take advantage of them ikkle cuddles!

So for all you CES champions with children or hoping to have children I definitely recommend giving this video a watch.

Thanks Louise for sharing your story we all really appreciate it.