Dear Clive,

I want to offer, alongside all our support group members, a huge Thank you ! to you Clive, Naresh and Julius.

Everybody felt your reporting and the presentation of the information was absolutely fantastic. You managed to condense vital, quality information into a tiny moment of time, making a complicated topic easy to understand for every member of the public, whilst at the same time raising awareness of the issues surrounding CES. Your research and time taken to create the story were evident.

Every corporate partner we have, both medical and legal, have contacted me to say what an outstanding job you and your team did.

From meeting everyone at Broughton Hall and dealing with and listening to their stories in such an empathetic manner, to charging down to see John Reynard and covering the financial cost in clinical negligence and making this information public for the first time ( which in itself is a massive achievement and will change the CES landscape ) you have done something quite remarkable. We also loved the way Catrina opened the digital report, it was so cleverly done.

Cauda Equina Syndrome is now firmly in the public domain and we intend to make the most of this opportunity you have created for us.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have been contacted by many medical professionals with offers of help, as well as dozens of isolated people who had previously believed they were unique in their situation.

I truly believe, that your faith in our story and your desire to tell it, has changed things forever for CES patients in the UK.

Don’t ever stop what you are doing Clive, You are an absolute gem of a man.

Hoping to see you at some point in the future – not too far way,

Warm Regards,

Claire and every member of our support group

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