Psychosexual Therapy Service

Champions Charity are extremely proud to announce our new Psychosexual Therapy service for people experiencing sexual dysfunction following a cauda equina injury. Read more

Champions Charity announce two new patient Ambassadors

We are very proud to announce Jennie Sharpe and Catrina Farnell as our two first patient ambassadors for Cauda Equina Champions Charity. Read more

Cauda Equina Syndrome Day 1st October 2020

October 1st 2020 marked the first ever Cauda Equina Syndrome Day. We celebrated it with a huge Virtual Support Group meeting and the day was peppered with events covering everything to do with cauda equina syndrome. Read more

Stories from our Helpline - James Birthday Fundraiser

James contacted our Helpline two weeks after his CES emergency surgery. He was given our details from the team at his spinal unit. Three weeks later James contacted us again with some amazing news about his birthday fundraiser. Read about the birthday James never expected! Read more